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Interactive Character Sheets

Making my character sheets interactive has been one of the most frequent requests (to be honest, I don't get many). Thanks to one person's initiative, MrGone was contacted and a requested to convert one of my character sheets into an interactive form. MrGone then contacted me, showed me the results and I asked if I could upload it to my website. Long story short, version 3 of my alternative Scion sheet is now available to download from the Scion Resources page! Wheee!

This is awesome stuff, since I usually don't make interactive versions of my sheets. The reason for this is two-fold: I don't know how and I lack the interest to do the extra work. So when someone as talented as MrGone does the work for me, I get a little giggly, because I'd like you to have the option of using an interactive version of my sheets. One day, I hope interactive versions will be more available.

In other news, I'm working on a new website design. Once ready, this website will be converted with as little disturbance as possible.

Posted on 28th July 2015

Scion Sheet v4

I have created a new version of the character sheet for Scion. Here's the blurp that I added to the Scion Resources page:

Version 4 of the character-sheet for Scion has minor changes but the change to layout I believe varrants the upgrade to v4 status. This version is landscape instead of the normal portrait layout (landscape is all the craze) but visually is very similar to v3; it has the number of bonus successes written under each box of the Epic Attributes, it has room for temporary Virtues and more. It removes unnecessary information about the character's description, but adds more space for Abilities. I hope you enjoy!

I do hope you enjoy. Additionally, I uploaded four videos of myself making the character-sheet to YouTube. Since most of the stuff is just taken directly from v3, you could say it is technically v3.5, but let's not get stuck on technicalities. In any case, you can see how the character-sheet got made using Adobe Illustrator and the previous version of the sheet by following the links below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 

Posted on 17th April 2015

Mutants & Masterminds Resources

I have now added a page with resources for Mutants & Masterminds. Currently, there are only character-sheets, one black & white version and four versions in different colours. The character-sheets are for 3rd edition M&M, then I intend to make minion sheets as well (and perhaps a more detailed sheet for HQs and such locations).

The reason I did this was because we are starting a new Mutants & Masterminds game next Thursday and when we met up last week to make characters we noticed a few things that we thought needed some improvements. We are probably not going to use these sheets as we have already written the characters down onto the official sheets (we're using the one found on the official website, here).

In any case, the newly created character-sheets can be found on the Mutants & Masterminds Resources page, where you can download them for your enjoyment.

Posted on 15th February 2015

Damage in Heresy

I've been thinking a lot about how best to represent Damage in Nocturnal Heresy. In the first draft, the damage modifier of the weapon was added directly to the target's Endurance and Health. Both a problem and not-so-much-a-problem, this meant that you wouldn't have any random amount of damage and would know instantly how much damage you'd cause your opponent. As much as I liked the idea of fights progressing faster, I didn't like the lack of chance to do any real damage. So I felt that a change was in order.

Currently, my idea is to take inspiration from some excellent games, namely Mutants & Masterminds and Savage Worlds. Health is already a derived trait in Nocturnal Heresy, and will combine the Brawn and Nerve Traits to form its value. When an attack successfully lands, the target rolls against a Success Range equal to their Health. Weapons' damage modifiers apply as penalties to this roll. If the roll lands within this value, the target only suffers minimal damage, or 1 Bleed. Should the roll fail, the target suffers greater damage based on the weapon, from 2 to 3 Bleeds. If the roll lands within the value of the target's armor (sort of like the Critical Range for the roll), the target suffers no damage at all.

How much Bleed can be suffered before the target just cannot suffer any more and dies? At current, when the character has suffered 5 Bleeds total, they are dying. This is also the upper limit of how much damage is suffered from attacks; even if the target would have suffered 6 or 7 Bleeds total, they stop at 5 and are dying. Any more damage and they are dead. If they do not get any medical help before the scene ends, they are also dead. Two or three hits can easily bring a character to the brink of death or even kill them, so a character might even die in a single round.

Most of you will likely think that this is not a good thing. Fights can suddenly end when a group of opponents gang up on one character. Which is why I took to a system that I used in Grim Fictions: A character can choose to suffer other sort of penalties that I'm calling Aggravations, instead of any Bleed beyond the first. So, a character who would suffer 2 Bleeds from a single attack could choose to suffer 1 Bleed and 1 Aggravation instead, but not 2 Aggravations and no Bleed. Aggravations can be physical injuries or mental handicaps caused by trauma, or any other hindrances that the character might suffer, and is a system that I'm pondering whether or not I should include. On one hand I would like something that covers hindrances but on the other I'm afraid that Aggravations would only add unnecessary complexity. Aggravations are usually temporary, lasting only as long as the rest of the story or until somehow removed specifically (by virtue of certain Talents), but some situations may call for an Aggravation to remain indefinitely.

Bleed would heal slowly and, if not getting any medical attention, can cause further damage. If the character receives medical attention, they heal one Bleed every day (or every week, if we want to be cruel). If the character does not receive medical attention, they make a roll against the SR equal to their Health but with a penalty equal to any Bleed they have. Failure means they suffer another Bleed. And so it goes, until they either heal all the Bleed they've suffered or they die bleeding out and alone.

Bleed also applies penalties to all rolls, starting from 1 and going no higher than 4. Talents that increase the amount of Bleeds that the character can suffer before they become dying won't increase this penalty any further than 4.

This is the current idea. I like how it looks so I hope I will like how it is applied in practice. Hopefully, I'll start working on a new draft and can get a playtest going soon. If so, I will tell you all about it.

Posted on 16th January 2015

So many ideas

I often get more ideas for games than I will ever have time to put into play. This can be a bit of a problem since I often really like the ideas I have. I try to remember them in case I ever get the chance to run them, but some ideas get forever lost in the depths of my mind.

For your entertainment and hopefully inspiration, here are some of these ideas. I intentionally keep the description pretty vague, in case any of these ideas will appear on my gaming table.

Ghost Ship: A part of my plan for trying out the many different game-lines of World of Darkness, specifically Geist: the Sin-Eaters. It would put the krewe on board a ship during the age of piracy. As of yet, I have no plot and no more details to the setting, but it's an idea I'd like to see realized some day.

High Politics: I would like to do a game of intense politics, using either Changeling: the Lost or Vampire: the Requiem. The idea is to have maybe 3 or 4 players, each making the people in power who fight for supremacy and their servants, then rotating the game so that each political power gets a turn. This means that on occasion you would be working against the monarch that you created, which is challenging. The good thing about Changeling is that the Freehold is already split up into separate courts that exchange power according to certain rules (vanilla CtL exchange monarchy according to the seasons), and the different monarchs don't necessarily work against each other. On the other hand, I have never played much Vampire and I'm itching to give it a proper go, and the reference to Game of Thrones as they oppose each other for power would be interesting.

Sakura no Werewolf: Historical game with the World of Darkness, I kinda thought it would be cool to do a Werewolf: the Forsaken game set in Feudal Japan. As with the Ghost Ship idea, this is as far as I've gotten with the idea.

More Werewolf: A fairly simple idea to try out Werewolf: the Forsaken, focusing on the disappearances of several people within the pack's terretory, including one or two wolf-blooded.

Mage: I would like to make a historical game for Mage: the Awakening. My initial idea had them set in Baghdad some time after the Crusades, perhaps even during. In fact, having the group protect a city from the attack of Crusaders could make for an interesting plot.

Curriculum: Another game of World of Darkness (last one, I promise), this one focusing on a group of children who've been sent to a boarding school. Weird stuff start happening when unruly students suddenly start behaving oddly proper and friends start to act like they don't know the protagonists. Can't give too much up, that would spoil the fun, but I was planning to use WoD: Innocents.

A New Scion Game: I want to run a game of Scion using a completely different set of house-rules, somewhat based on the God-Machine rules for World of Darkness. The story would focus more on the Gods having distanced themselves from the World (possibly post-Ragnarök) and the PCs becoming the new Pantheon. The game would start before the PCs' Visitations, essentially human, and follow their rise from mere mortals to divinity. It would be a long campaign I imagine and I wouldn't run it until my current Scion game is still going.

Goðavegarkvæði: Technically not an idea I want to get started since this is my current Scion campaign, but it is something I want to continue and preferably finish. When my current game of Savage Worlds is at its end, I am likely to do a story or two of Scion before I do an official test-run of Nocturnal Heresy.

Nocturnal Heresy: Obviously, I want to try out my own gaming system. I have the rough outlines of a plot ready, set in what will be one of the iconic city-states of the setting. It will focus on the mystery that is the death of the state's Duke and the fate of the city as factions rival each other to become his successor.

Society of Adventurous Gentlemen and Ladies: I want to run a pulp adventure game using Savage Worlds, something akin to films like the Phantom, the Shadow, the Mummy and obviously Indiana Jones. It would focus on the members of the Society, a kinda secret organization that aims to uncover the secrets of the world and protect those secrets from the wrong hands, such as the Iron Lotus or the mysterious Mister Midnight.

Aside from all of these ideas I also want to do a super-hero game, probably with Mutants & Masterminds (2nd or 3rd edition but not sure which), and a science-fiction game, likely with Savage Worlds but Eclipse Phase looks awfully tempting. I have enough ideas that I shouldn't run out any time soon, but now I just need to find the time and players to run these games. Better start looking :)

Posted on 8th January 2015

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