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v5 Update

I've updated my latest character sheet for Exalted with some minor, but noticable, changes. Since I did that anyway, I asked MrGone to make an interactive version of the sheet for me to put up, so now you can keep your Exalted character digitally stored. I am really excited about this addition since I feel it really completes the previous version of the character sheet.

The character sheet can be downloaded from the Exalted Resources page, either with or without the interactive feature.

Posted on 17th August 2015

Tick Wheel

Tick Tracker -  12tick - small.jpg

I want to talk a bit more about this version of the Tick Wheel I made. I got this idea yesterday and naturally wanted to make it a reality. One problem I've had with the Tick system (but more specifically in Scion) is its limit to 6 ticks during the Join Battle roll. In short, you roll your JB and everyone compares their results with the highest result (which starts on Tick 0). However, no one goes later than 6 ticks after the first one.

This is good in some ways, but can also mean that one character gets such a good JB roll that everyone else ends up 6 ticks later. I feel that is unfair to characters who still rolled significantly better than others, but still end up acting at the same time because one other character rolled so much better than everyone else.

Essentially, character A rolls 12 successes on their JB. Character B rolls 5 successes but does not go later than Tick 6. Character C only rolled 1 success but still goes on Tick 6, same as B, because of rules and stuff.

This Tick Wheel is designed for added leeway, although it is not perfect either. It allows some characters to do multiple times before reaching the final tick 12, which is why I also made the other Tick Wheel with only 6 ticks. This Wheel still gives you options to use with house rules of your own design.

(The cycles on the right are for events that will take place sometime later than 12 ticks, but within the minute (30 seconds on the other version). You can use this when a PC is rushing to the action but won't get there just yet, or if something is about to blow up and the PCs need to escape or disable it.)

Both the 12 ticks and the 6 ticks version of the Tick Wheel can be downloaded from the Exalted Resources page, under Extras in the bottom page.

Resources used: Sonarpos' Asphalt Styles, Style335, and Style289

Posted on 16th August 2015

Social Conflict

I've added replacement sheet for Social Conflict in Exalted. There are 4 different versions of this page that is designed to replace the Social Combat page of the v4 character sheets; one for Solars, one for Dragon-Blooded, one for Alchemicals and one for Infernals. You can find more about Social Conflict here.

I've also started using Twitter. You can follow me @RPG_EmeraldS

Posted on 13th August 2015

Interactive Character Sheets

Making my character sheets interactive has been one of the most frequent requests (to be honest, I don't get many). Thanks to one person's initiative, MrGone was contacted and a requested to convert one of my character sheets into an interactive form. MrGone then contacted me, showed me the results and I asked if I could upload it to my website. Long story short, version 3 of my alternative Scion sheet is now available to download from the Scion Resources page! Wheee!

This is awesome stuff, since I usually don't make interactive versions of my sheets. The reason for this is two-fold: I don't know how and I lack the interest to do the extra work. So when someone as talented as MrGone does the work for me, I get a little giggly, because I'd like you to have the option of using an interactive version of my sheets. One day, I hope interactive versions will be more available.

In other news, I'm working on a new website design. Once ready, this website will be converted with as little disturbance as possible.

Posted on 28th July 2015

Scion Sheet v4

I have created a new version of the character sheet for Scion. Here's the blurp that I added to the Scion Resources page:

Version 4 of the character-sheet for Scion has minor changes but the change to layout I believe varrants the upgrade to v4 status. This version is landscape instead of the normal portrait layout (landscape is all the craze) but visually is very similar to v3; it has the number of bonus successes written under each box of the Epic Attributes, it has room for temporary Virtues and more. It removes unnecessary information about the character's description, but adds more space for Abilities. I hope you enjoy!

I do hope you enjoy. Additionally, I uploaded four videos of myself making the character-sheet to YouTube. Since most of the stuff is just taken directly from v3, you could say it is technically v3.5, but let's not get stuck on technicalities. In any case, you can see how the character-sheet got made using Adobe Illustrator and the previous version of the sheet by following the links below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 

Posted on 17th April 2015

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