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Patreon is LIVE!

I mentioned last time that I did a Map-a-Day challenge where I was making one map each day to form a larger whole. I'll be adding these maps to the website so you can check it out. In fact, two of them have already been uploaded. I was aiming for a 30 days challenge at most, or until I felt the larger map could be considered finished. I ended up doing 28 maps by hand in 23 days. Some days were just more productive than others.

What I want to talk to you about today is my Patreon page. What I realized while doing the Map-a-Day challenge was that it was something I enjoyed doing and something I could continue doing for a good while longer. It was a lot of fun, I'm fairly good at it, and I'm not bored with it after 3 weeks. So I figured, I wanted to take it a step further and offer others to participate and help me continue doing it.

First, I want to make it clear that this does not mean I hope this is going to be my only job. This is a hobby and as soon as I start thinking otherwise I am likely to stop enjoying it. Second, I am not aiming for another mega-map like my last project was used for. Although all the maps will connect to each other (for a time, anyway) I am probably not going to use them for any other projects of mine, such as role-playing games or like that. These maps will be standalones that anyone is free to use however they like.

In any case, I wrote up a Patreon page and some rewards that I thought would be nice. My Patreon is now live and you can check it out. I would appreciate anyone checking it out and giving me feedback, either on my Facebook page or on Twitter. Your feedback helps me doing what my patrons would want, and gives me a clearer picture of how I should reward my patrons. I'll be starting a new Map-a-Day project on Monday (tomorrow). All the maps I make will be scanned and my patrons will get a higher quality versions while the lower quality versions will be uploaded here and maybe on my DeviantART (not sure about that yet, but we'll find out tomorrow).

The Patreon is primarily about my Map-a-Day projects but that does not mean that my maps will be the only ones benefitting from it. My Patreon will be used primarily to make the Map-a-Day project self sustaining, but it will also help me improve my website and my various role-playing resources (dominantly the character-sheets). This of course assumes things will go well but there is no way of telling if it will. Still, don't mind me keeping my fingers crossed.

I'll see you all next time and I promise I'll have some character-sheet related news then. I know that is why most of you come here anyway.

Posted on 18th October 2015

Activity & 13th Age

I've noticed that I'm not particularly active when posting things on my website. Not much have been going on: I did a Map-a-Day project that lasted about 23 days and completely mapped out a campaign setting for a short arc, my webmaster and wife is occupied with another project so my website is not getting a makeover just yet, and I started using Twitter pretty actively (check out @RPG_EmeraldS). I'm planning on starting a Patreon page where I'll be making more Map-a-Day stuff, but it will also support my character-sheet making and website, so it is definitely something you might want to check out once it gets launched.

I've been looking a lot into 13th Age and I have to say that so far I am really digging the mechanics. It uses a version of the classic D20 system, but enough changes to make it feel new and part of it is making it less about the mechanics and more about the stories to be told. That being said, obviously it's not perfect and there are things I just can't wrap my head around. But on the other hand, there are some ideas I really like.

First thing is the lack of Skills. They have been replaced with Backgrounds, essentially parts of your character's history that help you in any action where that history becomes relevant. For example, instead of having the Skills Sneak, Hide, Appraise, and Pickpocket, you could have the Thief Background that can cover all of these (thieves need to be good at sneaking, hiding, pickpocketing and knowing what is valuable and what is junk).

Another part that I really like is the Mook system. Each mook has only about 1/5 of the standard HP, so a Skeleton mook has only 7 HP and you take out one Skeleton for every 7 damage you deal. When you've reached high levels and dish out 28+ damage in a single swing, you can take out 4 Skeletons with a single attack. The GM is encouraged to allow the Players to take out as many mooks as they can in a single attack, and since the battle is not fought on a gridded map, getting from one mook to another is not really that much of a problem.

An optional rule I like is that PCs cannot be killed by unnamed or unimportant adversaries. Instead, they just get knocked out, and probably carried away by the mooks to their master to be sacrificed to an evil deity or something. I like this rule, I try to use it in my games as well, but in truth I can't remember when any of my Players' characters almost died in our games, except that one time by a named villain. I found a good article about the pros and cons of this rule, but the gist of it is that the Players will not fear death when facing mooks (which lets them experiment with some crazy things) and facing the named, evil villain will mean that it is that much serious.

I am excited to try this system out in a short campaign, using the maps I made in my Map-a-Day project. I'll probably be running a fast advancement game, where the PCs advance a level each session. I will try to be more active on the website and post an update as the game starts.

Until then, check out my Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter. I hope to see you around.

Posted on 12th October 2015

Heresy Project & Fatigue

I wrote a little bit of stuff on my Facebook page and decided to link to it here. I'm not sure if anyone is actually reading the homepage, but I'm going to go for it anyway. I'd hate for this stuff to not be up here somewhere.


I have an idea for a Fatigue system to use in my Heresy project. The short of it is that you accumulate Fatigue and it...

Posted by Emerald Samurai on Saturday, 5 September 2015

Posted on 5th September 2015

v5 Update

I've updated my latest character sheet for Exalted with some minor, but noticable, changes. Since I did that anyway, I asked MrGone to make an interactive version of the sheet for me to put up, so now you can keep your Exalted character digitally stored. I am really excited about this addition since I feel it really completes the previous version of the character sheet.

The character sheet can be downloaded from the Exalted Resources page, either with or without the interactive feature.

Posted on 17th August 2015

Tick Wheel

Tick Tracker -  12tick - small.jpg

I want to talk a bit more about this version of the Tick Wheel I made. I got this idea yesterday and naturally wanted to make it a reality. One problem I've had with the Tick system (but more specifically in Scion) is its limit to 6 ticks during the Join Battle roll. In short, you roll your JB and everyone compares their results with the highest result (which starts on Tick 0). However, no one goes later than 6 ticks after the first one.

This is good in some ways, but can also mean that one character gets such a good JB roll that everyone else ends up 6 ticks later. I feel that is unfair to characters who still rolled significantly better than others, but still end up acting at the same time because one other character rolled so much better than everyone else.

Essentially, character A rolls 12 successes on their JB. Character B rolls 5 successes but does not go later than Tick 6. Character C only rolled 1 success but still goes on Tick 6, same as B, because of rules and stuff.

This Tick Wheel is designed for added leeway, although it is not perfect either. It allows some characters to do multiple times before reaching the final tick 12, which is why I also made the other Tick Wheel with only 6 ticks. This Wheel still gives you options to use with house rules of your own design.

(The cycles on the right are for events that will take place sometime later than 12 ticks, but within the minute (30 seconds on the other version). You can use this when a PC is rushing to the action but won't get there just yet, or if something is about to blow up and the PCs need to escape or disable it.)

Both the 12 ticks and the 6 ticks version of the Tick Wheel can be downloaded from the Exalted Resources page, under Extras in the bottom page.

Resources used: Sonarpos' Asphalt Styles, Style335, and Style289

Posted on 16th August 2015

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