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Update #71 (or something)

As you may or may not have noticed, I don't update the news feed very often. I've finished most of the sheets I intend to do for Scion, but there are still additions I can make. I'm currently running Scion in fact, with my usual group, where we are continuing a game that went on hiatus more than a year ago after my daughter was born. It has been very enlightening, and I realize that my house-rules are far from excellent. In fact, they need a lot of work.

I've done some work on Nocturnal Heresy and it is ready for playtesting. I've been trying to get a PbP game started but I doubt that will see flight anytime soon, so I might just run a game on the table with my friends, or over the internet. I have also completed a card-based RPG that I call Halls Under the Mountain, and that one time that I've playtested it with new role-players came out well enough, so I will try to finish writing up the rules and get it out into the open. It is simple enough so that writing it down shouldn't take too long.

In other news, my two Scion groups will be put on hold once they've both finished their respected stories. I felt compelled to split the group into two groups because it was too big to play with a one year old child around late at night. So the two groups are playing on the opposite sides of an Overworld War, never interacting but what one group does echoes into the other's setting. Yesterday, one group finished its story when they fought Ixion and finally managed to crush him.

So I'm starting to think what I'm going to do once the other group finishes its story. I still have games that I'd like to run, such as Savage Worlds and Mutants & Masterminds, but I also want to run another game of Scion with another set of house-rules (one that hopefully won't make the players overly over-powered as easily as I've made it in my current games). In any case, I will be making new character-sheets for the game that I'll end up running. If I end up running another Scion game, I'll be sure to post the new house-rules as well.

Until next time, whenever that may be.

Posted on 24th July 2014

New Scion Sheet!

I've finished a new character-sheet for Scion, which brings us up to version 3. Version 3 of the character-sheet for Scion has undergone several changes. Biggest change is that I've set the character-sheet up in layers, which makes it easier for me to alter the sheet later on. Other changes mostly involve layout, but I've also included a section for known languages. One of my personal favorite addition is that under each box of Epic Attribute is listed the bonus successes you get for that box. I've added something similar to the Legend rating, which lists the number of Legend points you get for that dot in Legend. Check it out and enjoy!

Posted on 7th May 2014

Last of the Exalted Sheets

For 2nd edition anyway.

Two months after I started working on my 4th version of the character-sheets for Exalted and now they are all done. I just finished uploading the character-sheets for the Alchemical Exalted and an alternative Array Sheet for those who are still using comboes and stuff. Comboes was one of my favorite things about the 2nd edition so I was pretty bummed that they cut it out in the errata, which is the main reason why I made two versions of every Exalted sheet.

I don't think I will make any character-sheets for mortals or the Dragon Kings, or ghosts or demons or spirits, or whatever else there might be, unless someone specifically asks for them. I see no reason to. I might make some alternative versions to go with Shards of Exalted Dreams, but I won't make version 5 or anything. Now I plan on waiting for 3rd edition of Exalted. So far, it sounds pretty awesome and it has peeked my curiousity.

Until then, I plan on redoing my character-sheets for Scion. I and my group have reawakened our little campaign after a year-long break, so it got me inspired to do some cool stuff (especially since I can now see what can be improved). It will be new and cool, so keep an eye open. Onyx Path is working on a 2nd edition which has gotten me psyched, so I plan on having the new character-sheet ready before its release (which is later this year or sometime next year, I'm not sure).

Posted on 5th May 2014

New Exalted Sheet

I just completed version 4 of my character-sheet for Exalted 2nd edition. You can find sheets both with and without the material from Scroll of Errata on the Exalted page.

Posted on 3rd March 2014

Mappity Maps & More

I've added some maps I made to the Maps and Stuff page (see to your left). I've only added two maps in two versions each, one with the ocean darkened and one where the ocean is white. There is nothing on those maps except for rivers and coastlines, and the idea is that you can print out these maps and add what you want or need for your own role-playing games.

I was planning on playtesting Nocturnal Heresy early next month during a small role-playing convention (some GMs and players get together to play some random stuff) but it was cancelled due to there not being enough GMs. I've decided to use the opportunity to make some changes to NH instead, namely combat and social mechanics. The combat will be simplified and made more narrative and the social mechanics will be made so that they won't look too much like some offshot combat mechanics. The ideas for both have been layed out on Trello and I will make changes to the playtesting file soon. Hopefully, the file will be ready by the end of February as planned and I can seek playtesters in early March, so stay tuned.

Posted on 18th February 2014

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